Mar 27, 2011

Oh Yeah! I Have a Blog!

I know. It's been awhile. A long while. December was, well December. Plus I got put on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy, so that added to the craziness. Then, finally, Jan. 10th I had little miss Bailey Ann! After many trips to the hospital and more blood work than even I wanted to deal with, we finally got told to get ready for the c-section. Things went pretty well. My BP jumped right after my spinal block, but then leveled out and Nick was brought in and we had a baby! Her official stats were 8lbs, 10oz and 19 1/2 in. long! My shortest baby and my heaviest LOL!

Anywho! As you can imagine getting life back on track took some time and I didn't fully get back into the swing of things, scrapping wise, until this month. But it was so wonderfully awesome because I got to be a guest on the ScrapMatters Hybrid team!! WooHoo!! I've had such an awesome month and I've totally scrapped my butt off. If you want to see some of that awesomeness, just use the link over there ---> and check out my gallery.

And it gets better. Oh yes. So much better. Cristina has asked me to stay on as a perm. member of the team! Can I get WooHoo!?! I accepted, of course, but at the same time I had to make the decision to step down from a couple of my other commitments. I've seriously worked my butt off this month with everything and I've felt like I haven't given my all. So at the end of the month I will officially no longer be creating for Plum Dumpling Designs and I will no longer be a ScrapMatters Girl. I'm going to miss both groups SO much, but I really felt it was time to move on. I'm definitely still creating for WM[squared] Designs and Band Geek Designs.

Speaking of Liz (Band Geek Designs) she just competed and won Design Star at ScrapMatters. What does that mean? She's an apprentice there and selling there now! I'm so happy for her and so excited about the future for her. Congrats Liz!!

I'm so glad to be back fully and really looking forward to the new ventures I'm making in my scrapbooking. And before I leave I have a little SM news. Starting tomorrow ScrapMatters is breaking out the spring cleaning supplies and having a huge sale!

All the designers are going to be having fabulous sales and you definitely don't want to miss out on them. Here's a look at what Wendy is going to be having available!

So don't forget to check out the shop this week and be a part of these awesome deals!

Stay scrappy,